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Thank you for your interest in joining our notary network. We are a loan document signing service that will provide you with the opportunity to make money using your notary public commission.
"Direct Signing/Notary only" appointments by definition are as follows:
1. Documents are shipped to the borrower.
2. A Nations Direct "Direct Signer" contacts borrower 30 to 60 minutes prior to the notary's arrival to explain all the documents to the customer and to secure signatures
3. The notary arrives 30 to 60 minutes into the appointment to sign and notarize only the documents that required notarization . This usually encompasses 1 to 7 documents.

There are a few simple rules that we ask you to follow when doing "notary only" appointments.

  a. If you show up early, the "Direct Signer" will still be on the phone with the
  b. If you show up late: It is always our goal and should be yours that we never
    make a customer wait.
 You must call our office when you arrive at the appointment.
  This is the #1 "Golden Rule" at Nations Direct.
  Since we cannot see the client and you can, we need to make sure that the customer has signed all documents correctly. This includes having middle initials or middle names completed on each and every document. We simply ask that you take 3 minutes to look through each document to verify that it has been signed correctly.
  Payment For Services Rendered: All regular attorneys/notaries are paid monthly. Payments are normally processed by accounting and mailed out to you by the end of each month for the month preceding. Example: Payment for August 1–31 will be mailed by the end of September 30th. Attorneys, who qualify as a “Primary Attorney”, qualify for payment on a weekly schedule. Contact the Signing Agent Division for program information.

Checks are mailed U.S. mail.

You will be operating as an independent contractor with Nations Direct

  Many clients of Nations Direct require that the notary/attorney "fax back" specific documents prior to returning the loan package (this requirement will be outlined in the notary/attorney order confirmation sheet received after accepting from Nations Direct). "Fax back" is requested so that the Nations Direct "quality control" department can review and approve the documents to be shipped.
  Mortgage documentation is EXTREMELY time sensitive. All loan packages MUST be dropped the same day or next business day after signing.
  A professional appearance is required while closing loans for Nations Direct. A suit and tie (or dress) are not necessary, but jeans and shorts are not acceptable.
The "notary only" appointment process is designed to allow Nations Direct to ease into a business relationship with new notaries. It allows the notary and Nations Direct to get a feel for each other prior to the notary earning status as a "full signer" or ultimately a Nations Direct Primary or Preferred Notary.
The "notary only" appointment has also been designed for loan packages that are extremely time consuming. It is our experience that certain packages (50 plus pages) are better handled by a Nations Direct "Direct Signer" over the phone . Many of these large loan packages require a lot of "completion documents" by the borrower. There are many questions about the loan process. There are many questions that are not normally asked of a notary/signing agent.
We desire professional people that want to be part of a winning organization. We have created a process that is notary friendly. We have created a process that works!

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